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Saturday Morn, 2 May, we go to Central World (formerly 'World Trade Center') for a motorcycle show.  Some great machinery.


On the 22nd of April Flat Stanley came to visit his 'Uncle Mike'.  We all enjoyed him.  He's a lot quieter than Mike!!  Welcome to Thailand, Stan!



New years 2007, at the house in Bangkok.  Much fun was had by all .... so I have been led to believe.

Just sort of easing into it!!    Miss Sarah trying to develop a taste for Heineken before the drinking starts.    Someone has to start it off!    And the party begins    Miss Sarah and daughter Ray    Ray getting ready to "hit the 'ville".  That's how I do it as well.            Timmy obviously in awe of John's method of juicing limes (ugh)    and we all gather for new years.  Well, except for English Mike!  Didn't quite make it!!        John enjoying the product of his work    Tim with 2 expert assistants.    Hillary impressing Tim with her cooking acumen!    You get Sally going on a project and there's no stopping her.              Peter and Scottish David enjoying the evening    Peter obviously very impressed with Tim's mind altering concoction.    Me ....  absolutely clueless about what's going on??                Scottish David getting into the swing of things.  Tim's drinks will do that.    Sally leading the group in "Shall we gather by the blender"?    After 3 visits by the music police, the group continues on.    LOOK OUT DAVE.  IT'S GOING TO BLOW!!!           

Johnnie G., showing off his amazing culinary skills.  They are legendary in the area of Southeast Asia.  All the Chefs from the Orient are begging for his secrets.  He cooks everything on his BBQ.   Mastering spaghetti was a real feat.



Entertaining at "Casa McFadden"

                        This is Paul Dougherty.  He is one photogenic kid, right!                                   Friend Brad showing me my cooking is edible.  Brave lad.    My usual "deer in the headlights" look            Hey .. someone check this guys I.D.  Don't look like soda he's drinking.    Chris Spidle visiting from Iraq, Richard from England, and father John from down the street.        Shaun and Dana getting their morning kick start       

Thanksgiving 2006.  We held it on Sunday the 26th but it was still turkey and ham with all the fixin's.   

Half of the cooking team, the lesser half.    Ray and Marta telling secrets    Me and Jim, the main half of the cooking team.  He did the turkey again this year.        Iraqi Jim giving his blessing over the dinner.  It was a different sort of blessing but fine none the less.    Then I gave my thanks to all, and it seemed to go over well.     Ray and Marta.  They clean up pretty well.        Marta with some of the deserts she brought.    Fiona is enjoying herself as well.            Whipped cream has always been my nemesis!    We passed the camera around and everyone took their best shot.    Just people having fun.  Especially Johnnie G.    Brad giving me the studious look, I guess?    Iraqi Jim contemplaning an empty plate    Johnnie G knows something that we don't?    and now it's Miller time ..... er well, Heineken?    Always relax after a big dinner        There is a song "there has to be a morning after"  and this is it.  Leftovers.    Almost better the next day.  Almost!   

Thanksgiving a few years ago.  Not as bad as it could have been.  '03 if I remember correctly. 


In Sept of '06, a Japanese friend of Ray's came to visit for a few days.  Her name is Asuka (Oscar) Amano.  She was lots of fun to have around.  Always jumping in when I was cooking and asking how I was making different dishes.  Come back soon Asuka!

Asuka has presented Ray with a traditional Japanese dress.  She is helping to get it just perfect            Asuka and are are discussing the relative merrits of the 7.62 Nato over the 7.62 comblock.  She hopes to get a new autoloader for Christmas.          Asuka and Johnnie G's cat.  Better search her before she leaves or that cat is a goner    Not sure what she's making but I know it will be good.    Marta (seated) from Poland and Lena from Bulgaria.  Both regulars at the house            In view of the 5 nationalities present, I cooked a traditional Thai dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.  Yea, right.   

Daughter Ray got suited up in traditional garb.  She has a very successful real estate business.  Need an apartment anyone?


Hey, even I get a birthday now and again.  Aug of '06, my big 70!  Small gathering of friends and well wishers.

Well I made it further than I (or anyone else) ever thought I would!    Poor Richard (L) had just arrived from England and was seriously lagged out.    Richard, me and John.  John and I met about '86 in Pakistan.  We've shared beverages in at least 5 countries.    Pondering a misspent youth  (read - squandered)    Now this kind of makes it all worth while.  L-R  Lena, Ray, and Marta.    Making plans with Marta for the next one.  I'll try to be there for that one too.    Lena, our Bulgarian friend.  She had to go back to Bulgaria in Oct.  We miss her.   

And throw in a few pix of some great little birthday parties like Ray's, in May '06

                                                        Jim, who worked with us in Pak in '86 has been working in Iraq for three years.  Says an optomist is one who works in Iraq and is concerned with dying of lung cancer.       

And of course no webpage is complete without a Christmas story.  NOT a holiday story, but a Christmas story.  Got it!

We agree to meet Mike Gilmore at the Marriott for Christmas dinner.  We should have known he'd dress for the occasion.   But I must say the outfit gets the ladies                        Mike in all his splendor. Totally devoid of shame.  Impossible to embarrass him.   

Yes, we really do have Christmas in Thailand.  As elaborate as any displays likely to be seen anywhere.  This is from a few years back, but the same every year .... or better.


I love the river.  I often go and take a river taxi or tour boat down the same route I've taken dozens of times before.  This site will be fleshed out in the months to come.  Just takes time.  Join us on our trip to the River View Guest House.  The journey will take us thru some industrial areas that definitely are not on the tourist maps, but I find these areas fascinating to check out.

For sale cheap, but I think I'm going to pass                    Probably Oct of 06, Jim and I are on a river cruise. Nice boat, eh?                                     The River View ain't much, but the view is pretty awsome.                A few of us are trying to find something like this to rent for an afternoon cocktail cruise.  Close but no cigar.  We will find one.                                                And on the way home we pass by the underground train station.  It sure makes an easy trip.     

A School Visit.  A few years ago Mike Gilmore, Tim Whitney, Pon McClay and I went to a local school to visit and give a presentation about America.  Our secondary objective was to try to embarrass Pon's son Gaph.  No such luck.  He loved it.

        Mike giving his monologue on America.  The kids loved it, many staying awake during the entire spiel    Here is Gaph loving the attention.  Very photogenic kid.                          Tim answering a question from one of the kids.  That's a bit iffy.  Keep an eye on him Mike!            These kids were all cute as could be.  Going to be a handful for some poor teacher soon.       

Around Bangkok

Mr. Tai.  No joke.  And his lovely cruiser.        The lovely Miss. oops, now Mrs. Jay, our travel agent.                        Old pix of me and my dog spot (in the middle).  He's a tad ugly but well mannered.  When he runs to fetch a stick (or tree) get out of his way.       Dining .... or drinking on the rooftop of the River View Guest House.         Pick out the dummies and DON'T say all of them!        Johnnie G., Brother Mike and I.  Sometimes they embarras the hell out of me.  I need new friends.  Any takers?    Two friends:  Dick and Noah visiting in April '06                    Having a great dinner at Zanzibar restaurant.  Next to Cheap Charlie's of course.    Timmy does have a way with the ladies.  She took to him right off.      Curt Johnson (Capt) a friend from way back.  2 years behind me in school.  He's done some serious traveling.    Sitting on the "bridge" of Capt Curt's ship.  Trying to look important.      Some of the machinery on Capt. Curt's ship.  At Sattahip Thai Navy base.    Think Big!!                               

Way back in history.  Circa '87?  Or is it a trip down memory lane?  At any rate Thailand hasn't really changed, but we have.   Most people don't know that Bangkok (BKK) was almost a swamp as it's only slightly above sea level.  It was crisscrossed by numerous little waterways (klongs) and while most are now filled in, a number of them still exist and are used for cross city transportation by regular klong taxis.  There is no faster way to cross the city than by using them.



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