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May 1, 2010.  A work in progress.   The new 'digs'.  After a horrible experience at the last apartment Ray found a lovely little hideaway, that looks like it will suffice quite nicely.  Let us pray! 

Kitch from the laundry area.  Door in back is maids door to outside    Kitch from Maids door to laundry balcony    lots of cupboard space    Large nice open balcony for laundry facility    Nice store room across from the Maid Toilet.     Anyone who has lived in an apt knows the value of storage space        From kitchen, view of the dining room.        Balcony off the dining room.  Very nice to sit and read .. with a heine.    Same balcony with BBQ        Living room        three doors on back wall.  From L.  Ray's office, her bedroom, my bedroom    Yea, my bedroom is a mess.  Always.  I planned it that way.            Dressing area with lots of closet on both sides.            Decent sized bathroom    Yet another store room off my bedroom    yep, ladies shoes.    Ray, sometimes refered to as Her Royal Highness, and sometimes as Imelda, has shoes    Ray bedroom            Ray has a nice little balcony with couch    Her office obviously        The view from my bdrm window in the last apt   The view from the new bedroom    The sun setting as viewed from my seat on the Dining room balcony.  Very nice.    oddly enough ...  the pool.    Pool from other side.  Bldg at end is indoor badminton court.    Yep, gym.    rec area    a peek inside the badminton court    And the bldg itself.  34 floors, 109 apts. All round.   

        Regarding the three outside shots in the row above.  The one on the left is what my view was from my 4th floor bedroom window of the last apartment.  The picture to the right of it is the view from the bedroom window on the 26th floor.  I like it better.  The final pix is of the view from the balcony off the dining room as the sun sets over the yardarm and signifies that the cocktail flag will be flown.   (cut and paste to google)

Late April, early May 2010.  the 'redshits' have taken over many parts of Bangkok.  What a mess.

                    three Americans minding their own business (for a change)    Suddenly set upon and beaten by the red shits.   

New Years eve '09 at the house.  I believe that this was the last New Years Party at Lynn's house. 

                                        The Professor, Dave and Colorado Jim.    Poor little Timmy (Iceman) all tuckered out.    Dave McMahon dressed to the nines, and me ... dressed as usual.    LOOK OUT HILLARY!  John sneeking a bit close.    Scottish Dave looking very happy.    Kay McMahon and Dell.       

On 23 May we celebrated Ray's birthday.  Won't say which one.  Sworn to secrecy.  But we did have a good time.  Of course being at Mike Gilmore's house, we had to play '99'.   I've stopped by to use his bathroom and had to play a game of 99 before I could use it.  By then it didn't matter.  A bit extreme Mike!!

It actually started out pretty normal.                            PHOTO - BOMB!!!!!                                                 

And then there was the day that Timmy 'Ice Man' took me flying!  28 Dec '08

This sure ain't flying like it was in the good 'ol days, is it?    Remember when we'd get a couple of six paks to take on a trip?    Sometimes when I think about it .......  oh well!    Then buzzing that nudist colony, and scaring all those turkeys at the turkey ranch!    sometimes it's best to pay attention to what you're doing!    Sometimes I just think 'I can't do this crap anymore'    Now Fudd if you can just remember to leave the gear down while we taxi ..... !    Timmy, I may be wrong but that's either Austin Texas, or Alberta Canada.  I think I dozed a while.    Fudd, If that flight attendant doesn't come up here with our drinks pretty soon I'm ....... ???    Timmy, You know I'm not real sure she was on board when we took off?  I wasn't paying a lot of attention.   
Ah, the good old days.  Iron men and wooden airplanes.  Woodies we called 'em.    And John, thanks for a wonderful time. 

On 25 May, Buddy John took me on a great trip.  We covered most all of North West Thailand.  The 'Golden Triangle' and the Burma and Lao borders.  Here is some of the documentation.  It will be a work in progress for a few days.  These are in a very loose order and one of the bike riders would immediately realize that I had taken some 'liberties'.  Thanks to John also for enhancing many of the photos.  Most of mine needed a lot of work.  A great number of these are his pix.   Ho             For more information on Dave Early (top row below pix 7 from left)  see his very well developed website.    Loves motorcycles and cameras.     You would also be remiss not to see how he turned a 'fixer upper' into a lovely estate.

    This monument is in a small old cemetary in Chiang Mai.  Remember, the AVG was also known as the 'Flying Tigers'.        This old Stupa is a part of the wall and moat system that still exists around city center of Chiang Mai.      Part of the old wall.  From ??? hundreds of years past.    Overlooking the small city of Chiang mai Thailand    Dave Early and myself.  Very interesting guy, having done more than most 15 people.  See his website above.    a little coffee stop restaurant.  Great cheesecake.      Typical of some of the roads we traveled.      Thai Military check point.  Very foggy.  20 yards further it went to zero zero and we turned back.        You guessed it.  Me and John's Toyota Fortuner at the Burma border again    Agricultural burning.  A real problem here.    Burmese army post.                    It's near impossible to describe the beauty and ruggedness of the mountains here.          Pictures don't do it justice.  At least mine don't.        Pix of John's GPS map.  We did 2500 Kilometers (1500 miles) in 6 days.  With roads like this you can see why it took 6 days.    The famed 'Golden Triangle.  Burma, Laos and Thailand with china not far away.    On the river at the golden triangle.  Large flat bottomed boats to carry freight to China and return.                                    Awesome!    Great park etc.  Wonder where they get the money for upkeep?            Young monks in training.  With Digital Camera and bubble gum.  Kids will be kids.    Lake in the middle of Mai Hong Son from above.  We stayed there one night.  Basic!!           

July 11, 08   Lets just call this the 'Great American Cookout'.   Long story behind it.  The computer shop in the alley near Cheap Charlie's bar does a BBQ in the evening for the area.  Mainly Kebobs.  I convinced the owner  to do 'burgers'.  Showed her how and they were great.  They 10 other folks added their 2 centavos in passing and they went seriously downhill.  Anyway she and I have had a few words that turned into a running battle.  Well she's gone for 3 weeks and Mr. Gilmore got the idea to 'stage' the big event.  We're doing a poster of some of the pix and will have it in her shop when she returns, with the appropriate Thai and English wording.  Oh what fun we do have.  And it's all a SHAM!! Mike got the whole bar to come and stand in line with paper plates.  Total 3 burgers which Mike, Sarah and I ate.  Love it!!  We think she'll get a bit of heartburn.


 On 7 April Tim Whitney (Iceman) held a sort of a going away party for himself.  A very lovely late afternoon cocktail party on the roof by the pool.  A minor problem.  Torrential rainstorm.  That is with a capital T.  By my count 18 thirsty souls.  And we didn't run out of beer!

Look ... up in the sky!   It's a .. a ..  leak in the roof.        You can see that everything is dampened but his party spirit.                                                    Ray and her Beau        That has to be Mike and his biggest (only) admirer!   

Ok, well on 27 Feb '09 there was this costume contest at 'The Quake'.  The name should tell you most of it, and the costumes the rest of it.  Well we sent 'Our Man Mike, and his faithful assistant  Mak' to win this for us.  Oh yea, Mak's name is Mark, but he's from Baastun (Boston for us others).  And of course they took the First and Second prize.  How could they NOT have.   Oh yea,  for those who couldn't identify it, Mak's costume was a condom.  That's as far as I'm going with this.    

                                            Ray, what did I tell you about 'the company you keep'.                                   

Ron Sangster's visit to Thailand in Jan 2009.  Good thing we have pix or I'd have to depend on 'flashbacks'.  Seems like about a week since his last visit.  Oh well, back on dialysis. 

What better place to start than Cheap Charlie's.    In the yellow shirt, brother Mike.  'Lefty McFadden'.      When this crowd gathers around it's about to get serious.        And the next thing you know we're out Yachting!!    When John turns his hat around like this it means he's 'getting serious'.    Timmy (Ice Man) is wondering if it will hurt his neck if he turns his hat around.      I'm sure I put 'Cokes' in here??    7 course meal.  6-pak and a cracker!    One of the working barges on the Klong         I've said it before.  some nights cheap Charlie's is much like the bar in "starwars".        Had to include this because I caught Dan smiling.  Good going Dan!!    Friends of Colorado Jim's, from the "Peoples Democratic Republic of Boulder'   


 Dan and Deedee's reception at Cheap Charlie's, 26 December 2008.

                                                 Here's a test Terry.  Eat that stuff and see if you're still smiling.    On the left the lovely bride.  On the right my lovely daughter.                           

On 13 December, in the year of our Lord 2008, we helped John Knight and his friend David (no, not that kind of friend) celebrate their birthdays.  And a glorious event it was.  Much fun (and alcohol) was had by all.  Many more guys.  I look forward to next years party!


  Nov  08   Just some odds and ends.  Looks like the 'Usual Suspects' gathering at Cheap Charlie's.

'Colorado'  showing off ....  his urine specimen?    'Mississippi'  studying the action        Someone just told me that 'Jimmy Hendrix' was comming to drink with us.  That's funny!!    Gilmore upset because he found out they have an 'noise' ordinance taking effect in 10 minutes.    'Miss Sarah', our very own pin-up gal.  Lovely as always.                Don't ask about this picture cause I don't know either.    WOW ... Jimmy H. is advertising for Esquire Clothing.  Customers will be lining up at the door.  From the inside.    Scottish Dave enjoying himself as always.  Getting married next month, better have fun now.        I think that's Sago giving me the results of the presidential election.    Gary me and Clayton, discussing Chili recipes.    John ...  come on guy, lighten up!!!  In 4 years he'll be gone.        Iraqi Jim, who Ray proclaims to be a 'Hero of the Revolution' presenting Ray with great bottle of Tequila.        Charlie being awed by the goings on.  Wondering if that's really Jimmy?    Sarah and Iraqi Jim congratulating me on going 'on the patch'.        My dog spot.  I thought I left him home?   


Typhoon 'Gilmore' Hits Cheap Charlie's.  Mike's first trip back to his favorite haunt in about 3 years.  This was Friday the 6th, followed by larger festivities on Sat eve.  Lets see.

Mr. Mike.  His first drink at Cheap Charlie's upon his return.        Now here's a group that one would probably do well to avoid.    Sago ....   you are looking good!!    Is he happy .....  or what?                Avoiding Brad mugging in the front left, we have Marissa from Australia (I think) a new member, Susie from Wisconsin, Sarah way back, Mike, Bo, and Mike Clark    The 'usual suspects' .......        Holy cows ...  even Ray came to welcome Mike.    We told Ray that she could be a tad overdressed for 'Charlie's' but she explained she just came from a very upscale wedding.  Oh??    I just love it when the gals get all touchy feely!!!    And katie in the blue T shirt came to join us, but lost hubby Billy on the way over here.  Come on Billy, get it together!!    As always happens when I'm out, my dog 'Spot' goes out looking for me.    Sarah, Billy, Katie and Mike     I don't know either?    You ring the bell with your hand Katie.  Your HAND!!!   

On about the 28th of December of 2006 Tim Whitney brought 2 (not old) long time friends over from the states with him.  Tim has been coming for the past 5 years spending the winter here in Thailand and the surrounding areas.  This time Richard and Carla Griswold will be traveling with us and enjoying the sights, sounds and foods of different countries. 

This is Carla and Ray heading out on the "ville".  Hmmm, wonder if they plan to behave?    The bunch of us having dinner.  Carla, Richard, me, Ray and Tim.                                                                                                                     

In Bangkok this passes for "partly cloudy".  This about 2 blocks from my house and about 2 from brother Mike's house.

        Unusual color scheme.  Just behind the car is the back entrance to my place.     


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