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In Jan of 2007 Richard and Carla Griswold, Tim Whitney, "Colorado" Jim Telischak and myself went to Vietnam.  Spent a few days in Ho Chi Minh City, with a day trip on the high speed hydrofoil to Vung Tau, then down to Nha Trang for a week.  We then went back to HCMC (aka Saigon) for a day because of flight schedules and then off to Vientiane Laos for a few days.  All of this was on Vietnam Air .. or is it Air Vietnam.  A wonderful airline with great service.  Can't recommend it enough.  We finished the trip off with a flight via Thai Air from Vientiane to Bangkok.  Great time and here are the pix to prove it.


Here we are departing the new BKK airport.        A sepia of Carla, Richard and I in the Dining Rm of the Spring Hotel.  My new residence of choice in HCMC.    Sitting in the bar of the Spring Hotel.      Me, Tim, Carla and Richard ....  and of course Limey having a cold one.    Colorado Jim and Griz (and others) in "Limey's" bar in HCMC.    Time to hit the street and do some serious Shopping.  Here is Griz learning about bargaining.            Here is Carla in the silk shop getting some "great" deals.    Now try this sometime.  They can deliver anything on a bike.    A few of the lovlies in the "Pau Hana"  <Hawaiian for "after work">  Owned by Hawiian Brian.        A couple of the ladies from a restaurant where we have b'fast now and again.        Griz checking the special of the day in one of our favorite restaurants in HCMC.  The Pomodoro.    Now here is where it starts a downhill slide.  Stopped in at O'Briens pub for a few Mojitos.             Mojitos have been known to turn one's mind to soapflakes.       

VUNG TAU:  Our day trip down to Vung Tau.  Seems like about an hour and a half each way by the hydrofoil.

So off we go on our Samlor trip around Vung Tau.     We took a walk on the beach.  They had had an awsome storm that brought up billions of these shells.      Part of an old ship that washed into shore during the storm.    The place is growing fast and has a number of very nice looking hotels.    You can see missing roof tiles from the storm.  Much damage around town.        Large very lovely park around the bay.  Gets prettier every year.            The 4 of us that went to Vung Tau for a group pix.  Jim hadn't arrived yet.    Tim and Richard decided to try their hand at driving.  Look at the faces of the folks along the road.  In Awe.                       

NHA TRANG:  Some highlights of our week in Nha Trang.  This is a beach town, and very inexpensive.  I really like it and know a lot of folks there.  Mostly in the food and beverage business.  Hmmm, strange?  Guess I should branch out a bit.

Colorado Jim with one of my regular drivers.  Great way to get around town and further.        Fish or parts of them or ??  out to dry.      Some of the bldgs on our trip along the ocean.    We watched these guys for a while but never figured out what they were doing.  Did have a pump and a tank in the boat?            This was being brought in by tug boat.  Wondering if it's part of a new bridge being built.    Look carefully and you'll see he's paddling with his feet.  Try it sometime.    And then came breakfast.  Eating at Shortie's cafe / bar, owned by Paul.    Personally I love the food here.  Huge omelette about 80 cents, plate sized pancake 60 cents.          You can see we aren't going hungry.    Some more formal dining.  The lady on the right is from Switzerland and told us about the huge vaults full of gold.  Gave us a bunch of numbered accounts we could use if we ran short of money.  Forgot to write them down.  Damn.        This Is Miss Thu, a very lovely lady from Nha Trang.  She helps us with hotel reservations, new places to eat etc.  Known her for a number of years.  Wonderful lady.  She and Carla are obviously having a good time.    Kid on the left, one of the streetkids selling postcards.  Verry savvy kid.  The lady in green is also a street sales lady I've known for years.    We are having fun and Miss Thu is really enjoying herself.      Griz trying to acquire instant street smarts.        Another of the million street sales ladies.        Griz in a moment of deep contemplation.  Snap out of it buddy!   


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