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Brother Mike and I went to the car and motorcycle show in the large new 'Paragon' shopping center on Sat the 24th of May.  Pretty awsome display.  Regrettably the lighting raised havoc with picture taking.  Bear with me.   Here is their website.  Go check it out. 

            Lovely old Benz.  got a great price for Cala Griswold.  Come on Carla, you know you want it!!                        Yep, an old De Soto.  Can you imagine, here in Thailand    Ok, needs a bit of paint.  maybe some bondo.        Griz ...  go check the garage.  Someone stole your Cougar!!    citroen.  so ugly it's almost nice.            Wow, old Harleys!            Love to know where it's been!        Imaculate '63 Caddy.  What a boat.  Only in America.            Hope you enjoyed it.  Surprisingly very few people Attending.   Ho

March 27, 08;  Tim, Mike and I went to the Royal Thai Air Force Museum, located near the old airport.  I had lived here for years and never heard of it.  Now I have been there twice in 3 months.  In January, Colorado Jim and I visited the museum.  A truly wonderful museum with a great gift shop.  I'll try to get some captions / data, for the various aircraft in the near future.  Enjoy!


Samui (or Koh Samui)  Used to go down every Jan 2 for 2 weeks.  Getting a bit trashy, but still some great food etc.

                If you get up early, you can have all the beach you want.  It's not an early town.      Wow ....  apparently washed in by a passing tsunami.  Lucky guy    Showing off my new Reyn Spooner    Boardwalk Bobby Brenner and his morning coffee    Nice couple we met near that restaurant.  He's American with his Chinese wife, working in Korea.    Now where in the world did Bob go.  He's always disappearing!    Enjoying some fine dining at Luccio's "Lara's Dream"  Restaurant, on Chaweng Beach.  World class.  Luccio left rear.    Still enjoying the food    Niile (sp) an Irish lad, one of the managers of "Tropical Murphys Bar"  Samui    The walk thru the hotel area to the beach.  Quite lovely.      Around the back of the island, the working area.        One could think this is overloaded, but it's a police boat so it can't be.  Yea, right!        If you want to spend a bit more, this is also available.    Hard to know what to say about this.  So I won't say a thing.  (Bob is that really you?)    The natural beauty of the beach is hard to describe    Lynn Bennett, Alaskan bush pilot going hunting.  Lets not go there ..... !    You see people (guys) staring off into the ocean for hours            Lynn Bennett and I awing some Aussie ladies.  Yea, sure!    Lynn Bennett, Tim Whitney and I having our first at "The Legends" bar.  see below    The wonderful staff of the Legends bar.    Friend Luccio (Left) serving in his "Lara's Dream" Italian restaurant    This rust bucket is actually a working ferry.  No thanks!!    Big critter.    This is a giant string of fire crackers.  The noise was seriously painfull.   

If you're on Chaweng beach, and that's where you should be, there are a few places you don't want to miss.  1.  Laura's Dream, Italian restaurant. (159/32 Chaweng Beach rd - upstairs) Owned by friend Luccio Cappelli, it's the best Italian food I've ever had.  (ooops, they have left town to head up north)   2.  Tropical Murphy's  Irish Pub and restaurant.  Lower end of Chaweng.  (14/40 Chaweng Road)   3.  Via Vai  Italian restaurant  (167/43 Chaweng beach rd).   We usually start our evening with a few drinks at Legends bar.  Nice soft music and right on the street.  Across and slightly down from Laura's Dream.  Then go ahead and hit the "ville".

Doing the river Kwai

Lynn and Eric Bennett, Tim Whitney and myself do the river Kwai and surrounding area.  Summer of '04.

Some heavyweights.  Eric Bennett, retired Alaska air Capt., Lynn Bennett runs the family flying service in AK., and Tim Whitney, retired United Capt.  I'm impressed!                                                                                              

Can't forget Hua Hin!

Right next to the beach are some lovely hotels such as this one.    The beach at Hua Hin.  Not great like Samui, but very adequate.    Timmy showing off with his 'puter, and me with my Sudoku    This is the Hilton.  The rooms are canted so they all have an ocean view.  Awsome    Tim and I checked out the Thai navy boat.  A bit the worse for wear.    uh .....   kids will be kids.        The beach north of Hua Hin in Cha Am.  Miles of beach but more for Thai's than us.      Tim says he thinks we can fly this out after dark.  Too bad I'm busy tonight.    You see these waste receptacles all over this area.  Made from a truck tire turned inside out.  Really cute.    Tim and I in our "starting point" bar    At a french restaurant on the water.  half of it is mine.      This is Klaus and the next pix is his brother Kai.  Two Danish kids my brother Mike and I met in Hua Hin in spring of '06.                              

HUA HIN;       Last visit  11 Nov '07

Places to stay:  

Many hotels and guest houses.  I canít imagine having a problem finding a place.  Although there is a large spread in the quality of the hotels. 

1.    Hilton.   One of the very nicest.   Really well done.  Beautiful rooms, location is perfect.  Right on the beach.  Rooms done at a slant so that each has an ocean view.  Of course a bit pricier than some others.   $150.00 or so in March, with new prices coming out in April.  May go to $100.00. 

  2.    Puangpen Villa Hotel.  Aka PP.  Not heavy on excesses, but very adequate.  The section in back has decent balconies which is nice.  No view, but again,  adequate.  $30.00  Call Yai @ 032 533785-6  

  3.    Many small hotels and guest houses, so if you look around a bit you shouldn't have any trouble finding a place to stay. 

 Great Places to Eat.

 Many many places to eat.  Many German and Scandinavian places.

      1.    There are a number of seafood places on the pier.  We ate at one and it was great.  Some of the best / fastest service Iíve seen in Thailand.   The name   is  Ketsarin Restaurant.  Their Tom Yam Goong soup is the finest.  Some of the other pier restaurants were very slow service and not great food.  This is my choice.                                         

2.    Brasserie de Paris.  End of Naresdamri Rd. (#3).  Well presented, good food, slightly more expensive, but worth it. Also on a pier. 

3.    Found an excellent Italian (many there) restaurant where we ate one night.   Lovely with good food.   It is Heidi's on a road near the City Beach Hotel.

4.    In the morning I ate at several Scandinavian / German coffee shops.  One in particular had excellent croissants.   It's away from the beach on Sa-Song Rd.  A block off of Damnoenkasm Rd towards town (North).  Excellent omlette and coffee. 

5.    Another one we tried and enjoyed was the Jailhouse,  55 Chom sin Rd near the beach.  off the beach road. 

6.    Not to be missed is Buffalo Bills.  Remodeled and great service.  All the coffee you want which is a real treat for us coffee lovers.  #8, Naresdamri Rd.  Strongly recommended. 

7.   Many other fine restaurants in the beach area.  Even a Swensens Ice Cream in town. 


1.    Across from the City Beach Hotel is a photo shop.  Adjacent to the coffee world.  In the back they have a very nice internet shop. 

2.    The train leaves Hua Hin for BKK at 05:45 and 15:45.  Decent trip.  Train stn only a 4 block walk from the City Beach, or PP hotels.  Arrives from BKK around noon or late aft.  I think a train trip one way or the other is a must.  But take a sandwich or two with you.  Food on the train is a bit skimpy.   

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