Sarah's Birthday Party



And right after Thanksgiving was Miss Sarah's birthday.  28 Nov.  Good bash.  At least I got bashed.   



Well on 22 November we once again celebrated the 'blessed event' of Miss Sarah's Birthday.  It's impossible to really record the events and happenings at such an occurrence, but here is my attempt.  Note!!   This is a work in progress and will be changing over the next few days with additions and subtractions.



Sarah's birthday is really the 25th of Nov.  But for convenience sake we had it at Charlie's on the 1st of December.  I'm sure I didn't catch everyone and for that I apologize.  I also don't have all the names, but with Sarah's help we'll add them when we can.  Enjoy.       Ho

Wow, 4:30 already and no one here.  What if we threw a party and no one came?    Charlie's cat is eating a "dog" from my freezer.  It came from Sarah's b'day party 3 years ago.    Ok, a few folks showing up.    Seattle John and Brian, and of course Miss Sarah        A family of Aussies came by to wish Sarah luck.  Or maybe they smelled alcohol in the wind.    Our own Scottish Dave and Miss Sarah    Nebraska Bill, Sarah and Barbara    Sarah with one of the stars of the show.  She cooked a mountain of food.    Scottish Dave, Brother Mike and Sarah    Lynn and Sarah.  (lynn on left)            Tom doing his tongue in the ear trick.  I just hate it when he does that    A couple of our regular friends wishing Sarah well    Dave (new mgr of Charlie Brown's) Vinnie and of course .... !        John, you look younger every day.  How do you do it?    Sarah and our own Nuit        These are the wonderful people who supplied all that great food.                And this is Ken of Kent!   Almost sounds like the start of a limerick?                    This lovely lady came all the way from Japan to party with us.            And the good "Professor" came to join us as well                        A rousing rendition of happy birthday for Sarah.  slightly off key, but not off color.                Sarah and Barbara strutt'n their stuff            The very lovely Bo (Mrs. Clark) and her very lovely sister.  You had better keep a close eye on her.  don't bring her to Charlie's.!!!    My gosh Hillary, but you do look simply marvelous.        John you look good too, but not as good as Hillary!!                Layla is making sure that even the cat gets dinner.  Nice lady!    And Bill is having the time of his life.            Good heavens, did Sarah bring in a troop of clowns?  Oh no, they're the frog ladies!!   



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