Ray's Graduation and Party


Ray's Graduation pictures coming soon.  (I hope).

Ray's Graduation Party:   On Saturday eve, 23 Aug we had a small soiree to celebrate Ray's Masters deg.  Fortunately we have photographic evidence as my memory has failed to properly record the event.

                                Our good friends from Mexico.  Denise will likely have a baby next week so Fernando's mother came to help out.  She made dinner for us the next evening.  What a lady.        Friends from Peru with their 'wee one' in tow.                                          Now is this just about too cute or what?                                                                Time for a little Rah rah here.  This was presented to me by "Iraqi Jim" last week, who stopped by on the way to his home in Calif. from Iraq.    This went on forever.                             Ray with one of her classmates.  This was probably the highlight of my evening.         


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