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Dr. Becky and I thought a river cruise down the Salween river would be just the ticket.    Now is this lovely or what.    The lovely Salween marks the border between Burma and Thailand    Becky, I don't really believe that these people are part of our tour group!    Hmmm ...  I wonder if they paid full fare?                Looks to me like the resort is still under construction                                                        I wonder if this shop handles the new Canon camera?                It is with sadness that I bid our new friends goodby.   

Here is a part of the world I really love.  Arizona.   And camping.


Some Friends


Some More Friends:   Many from long ago.

                                           Yep ... my bro all dressed up to eat ribs.  Great idea Mike!!    Old friend Gene Frice.  Lots of military in that man.  Retired reserve Lt.Col.    old buddy Tim whitney really has a way with women.  Except maybe this one.                                                                                                       

The Best family (yes, that's their name) doing their part to make sure Bambi doesn't take over the world.  They believe (as do I) that if God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

This is Holly Best with her antelope.  Be careful around that gunslinger.    Holly Best and her dad Ron.  He and I go waay back.  Somewhere in the '70s    Travis  Best and his buck.  Nice going Travis.    Ron Best and son Garrett with the winters food.  How about washing the truck Ron?   

Places people tell me I've been.   I do have an occasional flashback.

                                                Part of our volley ball group in Peshawar Pakistan circa 1993   

Camping with the "Pine Flat Rebels".  No dogs or women in their campsite.  Not that any would want to be there?  These are some of my retired Ironworker buddies and what fun we had.

Me and my old buddy George.  First met him in Montana working on the missile bases in '66.  Oh what stories I could tell!!                                Paul the man Dietz.  Old old buddy.  We've had some fun on more than one occasion.            Our retired Business Agent Tom Baker.  Great guy and great friend.      Old George is pretty handy when you're hungry.    He is almost a necessity at a cookout.    Didn't have to ring the dinner bell twice    Almost as if by magic, when the dishes are cleaned off the table a deck of cards appears. Hmmm        Like getting hugged by a bear    Joe Smith makes me an honorary member of the Ironworkers Motorcycle Club  "Endo"    And another shirt presentation by the boys.  what fun.   

Hawaii:  A little of everything including a visit to the U.S.S. Missouri.  A very lovely and historic ship.  Been on it three times since '73.

                                                                    The Tradewinds.  Buildings my Brother managed before he moved on to The Iolani Court Plaza.            Iolani Court Plaza, Mike managed this building for 18 years.                                    

Big Island (Island of Hawaii) Volcano lava flow fields


Down Under

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