Odds and Ends


Did a preview of a very nice condo for Ray.  It will rent for around 240,000 Baht a month.  That's about $7,100 a month for those of you not in Thailand.  Being the 'Penthouse' of course it has it's own pool and sun area on the roof.  It is 4 floors and 5 bdrm, on the 23rd to 26th floors.

                                The walk-in closet of course.                   

The end of an era.  Boston Mark, pronounced Maak leave early the next morning for home.  We had (w/o Mark) a great session of playing 99 and then joined Mark for a few final drinks.  Sure will be quiet around here now, eh Mike?   Fair winds and following seas Mate.


End of March '09 activities.  Such as they were.

        Tim 'iceman' Whit, Colorado Jim and I went to Hua Hin.  We met a group of ladies from one of the sororities out on the town.  They wanted us to join them but we chose to go and watch a cricket match that was on.  Pakistan won.

Christmas Dinner '09.  More pix to be added as I gather them in.  Yes, that really is Michael Gilmore dressed as a  ...... don't really know?

It all started with Miss Ratcha taking our reservation for 10 for dinner.        This family .. Aussie I believe ... just had to have their pix taken with Mike.            This sign outside the Novotel where we had Christmas Dinner.   

On April 4, 2009, a group of us went to the eastern most reaches of Bangkok to a restaurant called 'The Flying Chicken, Restaurant'.  We'd heard about it and had to see for ourselves.  If you order chicken ... and someone in your group has to ... when it's done they shoot it out of a canon and a waiter on a unicycle often (usually) catches it on the spike on his helmet.  In those instances when it isn't caught it is taken off stage and I strongly suspect recycled a few minutes later.  Aw so what.  A guy comes around and makes goofy hats with balloons and everyone has a great time.  p.s.  Chicken was terrible. but the place was great.  And .. the fuzziness of some of the pictures is because of the water spray cooling system.  And maybe too much Heineken.


Some odds and ends that I took and some that folks sent me.

    here's a pix that Clayton sent us of him and ... and ... oh no, not Sunny our gold fish?    Robyn, Jim and Tim in Boulder Co.          Here is Miz Griz.  She's a member of that outlaw biker group, "hells Babushkas".    The normal gathering of the not so normal Charlie's crowd    In the foreground, a new couple from Switzerland joined us at Charlie's.    This lovely lady from Germany was on her last day in Thailand.  Hope she calls when she comes next time.      5 Nov 07, Bill C. and I eat at the Oriental restaurant on the river.  Very good.  Tks Bill!    a self portrait by Colorado Jim.            Really took a pix of the dog for my animals page, and noticed the sign when I resized it.     Check the top item on the right.  At least they spell it like they pronounce it.     

Odds and ends at the end of 2009.                                          The new baggy look        Safety is our motto

Iraqi Bill, formerly Alabama Bill .... attempting to overcome gravity.    Iraqi Bill having successfully overcome the pull of Iraq's gravitational force.    Miss Ray has presented us with our Christmas gifts.  The three wise men ...  and me.    Ray storing some of the Christmas gifts that she regularily gives each year to her clients.  Many have already been presented.                           

Nov 14 08    Sally Mc brings the kids to Thailand.  Gilmore tries to steal the show.  He's successful!

Freddy Mc, left rear, Cee Mc., in brown, Sarah (everyone knows Sarah) and Barbara from Holland.    Sally Mc having fun telling bawdy stories.    Aw, ain't that cute?    Now that's almost toooo nice!!           



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