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Aug 29, 2007:   Just a few new pictures in no particular order.  I'll send them on to their respective locations soon. 

I guess this could be entitled "what I did this summer".  Left BKK on 6 May and returned about 01:00 on sun the 22nd of July.  Took all of these with my new mini camera, a Sony DSC W-55.  I can recommend it for a relatively simple easy to carry camera.

Friends, flora, fauna etc.

The first pix with my new camera.  Sally McCreery and I at Marie Calendar's restaurant    Ricky Road Runner in the front yard        Sal's watering hole outside the kitchen window.    Looked in the book of desert animals and couldn't find this one.  ???        A "Horny toad" strutt'in his stuff.    One of the frequent guests of the porch    A somewhat enhanced pix of our toad    'Ol Mr. Coyote stolling across the driveway.  Very common    I think we'll name him Henry    At my age I get nervous when I see vultures around.  Hmmm        good friend Dana about to turn $$$ into noise    Cool under fire    Me left, Sal,. and Rick our neighbor    Neighbor Rick in his shop.  A self proclaimed "neat freak".  I wish my house was halfway as well organized as his shop    Rick's weekend ride.  A "Victory" motorcycle    Voted best neighbors of 2007.  Taran, Rick, Sierra and Jamie    Rick and Family again with Sal and I    Sal with son Freddy and daughter-in-law, Cee    Sal with sister Priscilla, or "Percy".  NOT Prissy!!    Something you don't generally see at your neighborhood airport.  Marana airport    A fleet of Beech Starships at Marana    Hey, a rainbow ... a good omen.      Wow, and a great sunset to finish off with.    Lori with her new car.  Offered to let me drive.  Naw.  she did a great job.    Lori's dear 'ol pop.  Seems a nice enough fellow, e?    Lori's dear 'ol Mum.  Carol Ann. She IS a nice lady.    Carol Ann's house.  And, well, Larry's too.  I love it.        I still can't quite figure out what hair style is the real me?   

The trip to Bisbee.  Dan, a friend from Bangkok days, now living in Frankfort Germany and his friend "Pete" from Phoenix and I went to Bisbee for a few days.  Great little town.  I could feel myself falling in love with it in only a few short days.  On the way back we stopped off at the Pima Air and Space Museum, at Davis Monthan Field east of Tucson.  It is a spectacular place.  Visit their website at:   Then start clicking and you'll find your way into the great pictures and data.  Read a great book about the area of yesteryear entitled "Going back to Bisbee".  By Richard Shelton.  Give it a read, you'll enjoy it.

Me, Pete and Dan looking like old retired guys.            Having a fine b'fast at the historic Copper Queen Hotel, in Bisbee    Some ... shall we say startling ....  color schemes?                Wonder what the house it parks in front of looks like.                                                       Two of the propellers were manufactured by a company I owned.  The "Great American Propeller company"     This was our distinctive tip painting as well as our decal.   

Headed for Carson City, NV., home of my long time friends Richard "Griz" and Carla Griswold.


Reno Car Show.  May have to post a few more pix later.  Awesome cars.

                       Yep, a real GT (40).   Awsome.  Most beautiful car ever made.        Makes you want to put the wife on the street and sell the kids.       

Griz, Carla and I leave Carson City for Las Vegas  ("Lost Wages"  in local vernacular)


Yea baby, now this is Vegas!!  Short trip.  One night for a meeting.


Griz and I drop Carla off in Phoenix and head for New Mexico.  Time to do some "shoot'n".

A real working little do it yourself sawmill in N.M.  Had to watch it for a spell    One of the better spots of the road into our shooting area.  Seriously 4 WD    Approaching the "main road" and a view of some of the awsome scenery we enjoyed    More of the scenery    the main local restaurant.  Great Mexican food.  Been eating in their restaurant for 20 years whenever I'm back in N.M.    A view of the scenery on our drive back to our "campsite" in Santa Fe.    Jim and Bill, two long time friends ... discussion whether or not they'll ever be able to teach me how to shoot    They bring Griz into the picture to see if he has any suggestions    Griz is giving me a "now this is how I do it!"        Griz impressing the locals        Me about to give my impression of shock and awe (crap).    Hugging my target.  A 1 3/4 inch + - group .....  at 200 yds.    This coyote sat there and Bill swore he was making faces at us and was gearing up to attack    Jim, a new found friend.  Avid shooter, photographer and computer guru.    Took Sunday off from shooting. Went up to a campground I'd camped at several times.  Above 9,000 ft.    Sharon had a lavish luncheon on our last day.  Lots of fun        If he can just learn to relax he'll be a great dog.  yep, really sleeps this way    No respectable gathering in the hills can be had without the requisite .50.  In this case Bill furnished his.    Our requisite group pix.  Jim, Lucy, Griz, me, Bill, Sharon and Jim.  Good friends all.    I don't think this needs much in the way of comments    Reasonably acceptable.  100 yd shots .   the bottom circle is 3" Dia.   



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