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                            Granddad William "Billie" McFadden         Medal presented by the Citizens of Wakefield, Nebraska             Briffett Nathaniel, 1855-1926                
Minnie Houlihan married William "Billie" McFadden
in Cedar County Nebraska, June 24, 1901.

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Lynn McFadden

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April 1957            Marcia Elaine Briffett McFadden    Frank E. Smokey McFadden, Chief of Police, Ivanhoe, Minnesota     circa 1960    young Lynn McFadden in Ivanhoe, Minnesota                Julie Ann                  Jim Treganza, Bob Gooden, Lynn McFadden, Craig Gooden, George Briffett & Kevin Briffett.  Christmas circa 1964                    Mike with Auntie Maude, taken at Camp Shetek.  Maude (McFadden)  Brown, Toledo, Ohio  (circa 1962)                 Julie Ann Hawks   

Mike McFadden at Pukwana, South Dakota,  August 16, 1958.                     Mike McFadden on right, Color Guard at 8th Air Force Change of Command Ceremony, Westover AFB, Mass., 28 Feb 67.  General Wade to Gen Kieffer.  This color guard was sent from The SAC Elite Guard, Headquarters SAC, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NB               oh, so seventies........           Donna (Briffett) Treganza                  James R. Treganza              Uncle Jim and Auntie Donna                          Kevin and Kathy Briffett    Scott Briffett, Lynn McFadden and Kevin Briffett                     

                Craig Gooden, 2 weeks old.                                                  Scott, Kevin and Scott's son Derek.  They are like the modern day Conan.  They don't leave much alive when they're done.       

Lenny, Christy & Jessica Sik             Lenny, Christy, Jessica & Dustin Sik    Dec 1995                 Dustin Sik at  1 1/2 yrs old.  April 1995                  The Briffetts, Christmas, 2006                         Devon and Brennah Brutty getting ready for christmas at grandma Julies                                              Lenny, Dustin, Braydin Sik (Jess' wedding May 18, 2007)                                                Lenny Sik and best friend Eric Schafnitz                                                  Jessica (lenny's ex-stepdaughter?? and new husband Dan Rauer                                       Brennah Brutty and Grandpa Gene                                                                           Lisa Brutty                                                             Devon, Anna, Brennah with mom Lisa in Deadwood SD 2006                                                            

Julie's Baptism day

the proud parents, Marcia and Smokey McFadden with baby Julie.  August 1948.                               Mike McFadden            Kitty McFadden              Emmett Cullin, Mike McFadden, ________, Jimmy Duffy, Smokey McFadden                              Emmett Collins  "The Godfather"            

Julie's Family project for the reclamation of the James D. Briffett gravesite.  The grave site is very secluded and quite a hike.  They unexpectedly found the location of the pioneer home of Henry Briffett.  The sign was so badly aged that Lisa repainted it.  The location of the gravesite is almost a family secret.



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