Cheap Charlies Bar

Dress code strictly enforced.


(If the truth were to be known (and it seldom is) Cheap Charlie's bar is likely the cosmic center of Bangkok, if not the universe.  Some evenings .... especially later, the bar scene is not a lot different than the bar scene in Starwars.)

This is Cheap Charlie's before it opens .....  at 5 pm.              Mike Gilmore .... long time ago, with Pon, Gaph and Dave McClay.            Iraqi Jim, enjoying a moment of solitude .....  before I start the stories.        This is Chris, the manager of "Charley Brown's" mexican restaurant.  Great food and he's a hoot.        Brother Mike at "Cheap Charlie's" and a cast of thousands behind him.    Celebrating Aug 1, 07 during a "partly cloudy" at Cheap Charlie's        One of the pluses is that my wine glass doesn't seem to get empty, just diluted.    It is 5 Sept, and Nicole's b'day.  On the table you can see a very small cake w/ candle.  Mucho fun.   

Cheap Charlie's bar is the venue for many parties.  Some very great ones indeed.  These are pix of Bob Brenner's going away party.  He was leaving after 11 years living in Thailand for work in Taiwan.


Miss Sarah's "52" party.  Not as large or grand as the 50, but a great get together non-the less.  Many people in from all over including Siberia. And .... we didn't have Mike Gilmore running the show!


Miss Sarah's big "50" party:  Satit the owner said it was the biggest night ever at Cheap Charlie's.  By the way, I am the official photog for the parties there so now you know why the pix are so great.  I use a Sony F-828.  Love it.





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