Fall of '05.  Six of us venture to Cambodia for about a week, and then on to Vietnam.  Then back to Thailand for a few days and off to Laos.  Good fun.


July '06.  Three friends rode their bikes to Cambodia and asked me to meet them in Phnom Penh.  Why not?  I guess it's my 7th or 8th time there since '94.

I love these old french cars.  I know the name but can't spell it.  There are several lovely ones in Vietnam as well.    John, Steve and Jay (Married in Oct '06) and my own self    John's seriously tricked out BMW    Steve's bike, and remember Jay has to sit on the back!    A bit more my speed    Amazing.  Looks just like my dog spot, back home.        Doing what I do best.        These lovelies were across the street from where we were enjoying a beverage.  Look amazingly friendly.  Hmmm!        Tourism increasing exponentially, much new construction.  A hotel on the river road.            How's that for a unique coffee table?    John and I were going to hit a few bars in the evening.  Needed the right equipment for bar hopping. Say an AK and 15 loaded magazines?    The shop John and I are going to board in a few min for a trip around the harbor               


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