Arizona ...  etc., etc.


Quite obviously a work in progress: 

The start of the quad episode.   2 min into it you see a jeep trying to negotiate the rock hill.  Bikes have a much easier time.

Neighbor Rick with his son Taran in his Polaris RZR (Razor)  He gave me a ride and ... it all started.  Tks Rick!    The old timers at the local Quad club said 'check the internet'.  I did.    I saw an add with pix almost identical to these.  I took these pix when the owner delivered the quad and trailer.    A very popular riding trail.  About 20 miles.  We went 10 miles and it took over 3 hours.    Rick and I on the mountain.    Rick decided we needed to go up the mtn and watch the son go down.  A hell, why not.    yep, that's a sun-down all right!    Time for a little barbie.    Hola, and the moon comes up.  Beautiful evening.   

Rides in the desert;

                                    Entrance to what I understand is a mine.  We did not enter.    Deeper look into the mine.            I guess this is a verticle mine shaft.  Verry deep and now filled with water.  Almost as valuable in the desert as gold.    Out on the trail we find Sonny.  Ranch foreman for 68,000 acres.  For you math challenged that is a tad over 100 square miles.    'Billy the kid'  is presented his rebuilt quad by Danny on fathers day.  Great job Danny!    If you're going to the 'screw 'em all, bar none saloon ... get there early or there ain't no parking spot.  

Flora and Fauna;

We have a 3 1/2 legged Coyote, a Boat tailed Grackle with a broken wing, two others with mal-formed legs.  It seems to me that the upscale areas Saddlebrooke) are getting all the good animals and we're getting the used and worn out animals / birds etc.  I'm really not happy about this. 

This is our 3 1/2 legged Coyote, we named 'Stump'.            Mr. Turtle blazing a trail across the yard.    Mr Lizard.  I'll have to look up his species                    Javelina.   Not feral pigs but a different specie all together.  Fairly new in AZ and the proper name is the 'collared peccary.    More Javelina.  People tire of them rather quickly.          Even a neighbors dog stops by now and again.   

Friends, things, events etc., etc.;

Long time friend and ex-neighbor, Dana.                    Well dressed in Best Buy!                           





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